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GRC/ERM for Government

The public service governance model is centred on serving the public interest rather than being driven by profit or “the bottom line”, and increasingly governments are receiving increasing public pressure to “do better with less”. To continue to serve the public in a timely, effective and efficient manner, the public sector is increasingly pursuing digital transformation, but risks accompany the benefits of innovation.

To accommodate the demands for fiscal restraint and service value, the public sector can build a risk-based approach into their organizational decision making.

A risk-based approach promotes:

Transparency & Accountability: a transparent, auditable process for weighing the benefits against the risks of each opportunity.

Collaboration: shared language and harmonized metrics break down risk management siloes to ensure that every decision considers the costs and benefits to every operational function that may be affected.

A strategic, proactive process: the proactive management of cyber, operational and business risks are the basis of all organizational decision making.


Enterprise Risk Management for Government & Public Sector

Since 2006 Iceberg has helped Federal Government, Local Municipalities, and other public sector organizations plan, deploy and support successful implementations of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance solutions.

GRC is also referred to as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) within some departments. Regardless of the naming conventions, our full lifecycle of services includes executive workshops, implementation and integration, and support services tailored specifically for the unique requirements of government agencies and departments.

A sample of recent projects include:

  • SA&A solution for the Canadian Federal Government
  • Regulatory Compliance Management for a provincial agency in Ontario
  • Audit and IT risk for a major provincial health care department
  • SecOps deployment for a large municipality in Western Canada
  • GRC Visioning workshop delivered to a major a provincial government department
  • Solution for Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) deployed for several major health care facilities

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