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Enterprise Operational Resiliency

The recent onset of external disruptions such as the global pandemic has left many enterprises struggling to maintain business as usual. Many organizations were caught off guard or placed too much emphasis on IT operational resilience, and as a result, experienced unforeseen resiliency issues. Increased cyber-attacks, changing regulations, concentration in suppliers and employee work force issues continue to add further complexities to business operations.

These factors are having a profound and continuing impact on governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs. As GRC factors continue to evolve, yesterday’s operational resilience programs must change to suit.

Enterprise Operational Resiliency is the ability to continue to operate during or recover from a disruption in operations. It is an outcome of the effective management of business and operational risk – i.e., risk identification, value assessments, risk assessments, mitigation and monitoring – combined with business continuity planning.

An Enterprise Operational Resiliency Program provides the framework for understanding and the tools needed to manage operational risk, and respond to and recover from operational disruptions.


Our Approach

Iceberg helps enterprises plan and prepare for Enterprise Operational Resiliency by providing the capabilities to understand both the internal and external emerging risks that may impact an enterprise and by putting a plan in place to remediate when things occur.

Increase Risk Intelligence: Increase risk visibility and prioritization based on business impact to make more informed and better business decisions.

Be audit ready: Reduce inefficiencies in compliance with automated cross-functional workflows across your enterprise and be prepared for new and evolving regulations.

Improve reporting to executives and the board: Improve executive and management dashboard capability with real-time monitoring and reporting.

Prioritize and remediate incidences in a timely manner: Minimize and reduce downtime as a result of an incident or impact.


By adding an enterprise-wide risk lens to your business resiliency or business continuity management (BCM) plan, Iceberg is able to help you understand where issues lie across the entire organization and put a plan in place to remediate when the need arises.

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