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Management Consulting

Our management consulting services help organizations maximize the investment from their GRC/IRM programs by aligning to the company’s strategic goals, with a focus on building trusted, aggregated and transparent risk intelligence, translated into the appropriate language to drive more confident and effective business decisions.

We help organizations:

  1. Define, describe and execute on operationalizing integrated risk management (IRM).
  2. Bridge the lines of communication between the IRM program providers and those that own risk within the organization.
  3. Define, revise and deliver the Business Process, Data Model, taxonomy, frameworks and technical aspects of an IRM program.

Resident Experts

  • Kirk Hogan
    Kirk Hogan | Chief Innovation Officer
  • Melissa Cohoe
    Melissa Cohoe | General Manager, ServiceNow Services
  • Andrew Vesay
    Andrew Vesay | General Manager, US Operations
  • David Pearson | Co-Founder and CTO

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