What we do

We deliver and support a full lifecycle of Integrated Risk Management and Security Operations services and platforms.

We are authorized partners for North America’s leading Integrated Risk Management and GRC platforms including RSA Archer and ServiceNow.

We believe that having trusted risk & security intelligence programs is essential for every organization.

Our Services

  • Iceberg Rapid Delivery Programs

    • Go live in 8-10 weeks
    • Quick wins
    • Drive executive success
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  • Management Consulting

    • Strategic Risk
    • Risk Operations
    • Technical Consulting
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  • Executive Workshops

    • Visioning & Alignment
    • Strategic mapping to Current Mode of Operation (CMO)
    • Strategic mapping to Future Mode of Operation (FMO)
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  • Implementation and Integration Services

    • Implementation & Integration
    • Solution Lifecycle Management
    • Program Management
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  • Iceberg Application Post-Production Support

    • Reporting/BI integration
    • Skills Development Sandbox
    • Enhancements & toolkits
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  • GRC Innovation

    • Advanced Reporting/BI integration
    • Enhancements & Toolkits
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Our Solutions

  • Enterprise Operational Resiliency

    An Enterprise Operational Resiliency Program provides the framework for understanding hot to quickly respond to and recover from operational disruptions.

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  • Cyber Risk Management

    A mature cyber risk program is essential to position firms to understand, mitigate, remediate and report on incidents, vulnerabilities and threats.

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  • Third-Party Risk Management

    Third-party relationships bring benefits to an organization, but they can also pose huge risks if not managed well.

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  • Managing Risk through Digital Transformation

    Understanding the depth and breadth of the risks in Digital Transformation.

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  • GRC/ERM for Government

    • Supporting all levels of Government
    • Preferred provider
    • Focused services & dedicated teams
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  • ServiceNow

    • GRC & Security Operations
    • Installation & Integration
    • Program Management
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  • RSA Archer

    • Installation & Integration
    • Support Services
    • User Adoption
    • Mentoring & Skills Development
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  • Iceberg PCI Program Manager

    • Pre-configured PCI Management solution
    • Designed for PCI Level 1 Merchants
    • Supports program Attainment and Sustainment
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