Reflecting on RSA Charge 2017 in Dallas


On behalf of the Iceberg team, thank you to all of the Archer customers who visited our booth in Dallas last week. We appreciate all of the conversations and feedback.  I wanted to share three themes in particular that kept coming up during the week.

  1. Corporate pressure for greater self-sufficiency in Archer. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find and hire skilled Archer resources. With that mind, Iceberg and RSA announced a new cloud-based skills development sandbox. We believed this offering would be of great interest to the Archer community – the strong response at CHARGE validated that.
  2. Advanced reporting with business intelligence tools. Every year at CHARGE we receive great interest on this topic. Even without actively promoting it at our booth this year, our “Iceberg Insight” solution was still a hot topic. Organizations are very interested in automating the migration of Archer’s data and permissions model into a standard SQL data mart, for immediate use in tools such as Tableau.  For organizations who have already implemented Insight, they’ve been able to securely access Archer data from their BI platform and drive significant additional value from their Archer investment.
  3. GRC as a “translation layer” between technology and business. We were somewhat surprised at the amount of interest in our GRC workshops on this topic. We heard that many organizations have already engaged a large global advisory firm for their GRC planning, but they still need help to map the technical solution to business processes and objectives within Archer. The strategic goal is to leverage Archer to help executives make more informed and confident decisions, because they better understand the business context of the risk information being presented in Archer.  

We heard more, but these three themes were the most common, and to me, are proof that the Archer community is moving (or would like to move) towards a more strategic state of GRC. You want to get more out of your GRC program, and we’re excited at Iceberg to be travelling with you on your journey.


VIDEOS: David White, Kirk Hogan and Ken McPherson share their thoughts from the Innovation Zone after a busy week at RSA Charge 2017 in Dallas.

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