Recorded Webinar: Why Taking a Risk-Based Approach to your Cybersecurity is Required in Today’s Changing Landscape

Cyber Risk

Recorded on May 13th, 2020 2:00 PM EST

COVID-19 is exponentially changing and propelling organizations into new business models – where digital transformation of further business processes, employees increasingly working remotely and increased cyber threats are forcing CISO’s and security leaders to mature their cyber and security programs quickly.

Industry experts Brenda Deugo, Former Director, ICT Security Program, RCMP and Management Consultant at Iceberg Networks and Karl Klaessig, Director of Product Marketing, Security Operations at ServiceNow discuss how taking a more mature and programmatic approach to a cyber risk management program will align IT with the business and as a result:

  • Gain leadership trust and buy-in for security programs
  • Give the board confidence that we are prepared for a security event and we can prevent or minimize the impact
  • Effectively communicate the business impact of the cyber risk management program to non-technical leadership
  • Prioritize which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat to the business and how to prioritize and plan for remediation
  • Demonstrate the return on investment that a mature cyber risk management program delivers to the organization

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