Operational Resilience in the Energy Sector

Operational Resiliency

A mature operational resilience program is critical for all organizations, but particularly for organizations where an interruption of service could have a huge human impact. Energy is at risk of threats—both human-caused and technological—just as much as any other sector. Any interruption has the potential to cause a power supply outage or an undersupply of power which could cause varying amounts of damage or hardship, from a power disruption to loss of life. Understanding threats, developing solutions, and using technology to our advantage gives us the best possible chance of mitigating or recovering from an interruption.

In a recent Ask the Expert video, Iceberg Networks’ Solution Consultant, Michael DeLoach, explains operational resilience in this area as:

“…the ability for organizations to continue to serve their customers and deliver reliable energy resources, for example, electricity and natural gas; and protect its workforce in the face of operational events by anticipating, recovering from, and adapting to those events. This means being able to classify those events based on severity and having plans in place, preferably plans that have been tested to recover from those events. This is where ServiceNow can help these organizations by having a place where they can manage these plans and ensure their effectiveness.”

ServiceNow enables energy and utility companies to:

Boost operational excellence and resiliency

With ServiceNow’s future-ready digital platform, you’ll achieve a fully integrated ecosystem that unites siloed legacy systems—enabling real-time visibility across organizational boundaries that equips you to better analyze your operations for continuous improvement.

Excel at security and compliance

Having real-time reports, alerts, and dashboards are key to keeping ahead of threats as they arise. As cybersecurity concerns continue to rise, it’s important to be prepared to anticipate and respond to them faster and more effectively.

Elevate the customer and employee experiences

ServiceNow enables you to deliver proactive customer care and service assurance by automating key processes and workflows, which not only elevates the customer experience, it significantly reduces the burden on your contact centers.

For additional information, tune into an informational discussion presented by Mitch Blackburn of ServiceNow and Michael DeLoach of Iceberg Networks. The webinar examines the gaps in regulations for the energy sector and explains:

  • How organizations can minimize risk or avoid disruption of operations with a mature operational resilience program.
  • How to prioritize which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat and how to prioritize and plan for remediation.
  • How to address the compliance hurdle that comes with new regulations to close these security gaps.
  • How ServiceNow can bridge the risk and security gap of digital operational technology (OT) devices.

If you would like to speak with one of our experts directly, get in touch to find out how Iceberg can help you mature your operational resilience program today.

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