Now at Work: Drive Operational Resilience with Highmetric on ServiceNow


October 13-14, 2021

Join us at ServiceNow Now at Work! Andrew Paolino and Andrew Vesay will be discussing how business leaders can support their organization to become a more resilient enterprise in their session “Drive Operational Resilience with Highmetric on ServiceNow.”

Operational pitfalls are everywhere.  

In the era of pandemics, geopolitical unrest, supply chain disruptions, and economic changes, “How do we become a more resilient enterprise?” is the question on the minds of executives across the globe.  

So, how do you automate your resilience program to drive more timely and informed decisions and deliver a more resilient enterprise?

A successful operational resilience program is a cross-functional view of the diverse set of activities happening across your enterprise. Highmetric can identify potential impacts to your critical operations and take action to monitor and manage them. The goal is to catch issues before they blossom into full-blown crisis situations.   

In a truly resilient enterprise, your risk scorecard is updated automatically and in near real-time. Reporting is based on actively monitoring processes and workflows that drive your business. These are tied to established risk tolerances, so when something is flagged on our scorecard as a problem, it drives fast action. 

In this session, we’ll answer operational resilience challenges: 

  • How do you define operational resilience in a way it can be implemented? 
  • How can the combination of ServiceNow and Highmetric enable a truly resilient enterprise? 
  • Does operational reporting provide the necessary foundation for resilience? 

We will deep dive into:

  • Building an ‘active’ operational resilience framework in ServiceNow. 
  • Instrumenting the necessary program elements to drive resilient business functions: Understanding interconnections and interdependencies, supplier resilience, business continuity management, incident management, cyber risk management, and more
  • Using indicators across your environment to monitor risk and resilience in near real-time
  • Evolving your dashboards from static reports into actionable navigation tools

Do not miss this critical discussion, where we’ll clearly demonstrate the incredible benefits and peace-of-mind that can be achieved with a well-developed and implemented operational resiliency program.

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