Is Your Business Safe? How To Get Your Vulnerability Response Management Program Running In 8-10 Weeks

Cyber Risk

Vulnerability response management is a critical function of any Security Operations program. Having the tools and expertise in place to recognize and respond to vulnerabilities throughout all surfaces and assets within your organization can help ensure that your organization remains safe.

We understand that getting a Vulnerability Response Management program up and running is no easy task — there are a lot of challenges and obstacles to navigate. ServiceNow released some statistics that speak to why vulnerability response is not improving across organizations.

  • Most organizations are unaware of vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach.
  • On average, it takes 43 days to see a cyberattack once a patch is released for a critical or high priority vulnerability, an increase from 36 days in the 2018 study.
  • Organizations’ patching process is under greater pressure because they have less time to patch vulnerabilities before being attacked.

This no longer has to be the case, and it’s why we’ve developed the Iceberg Rapid Delivery SecOps: Vulnerability Response program. Our award-winning team of experts have created an impressive Rapid Delivery program that can get your organization live in the ServiceNow platform in just 8 to 10 weeks and set your business on a maturity journey to successful Vulnerability Response Management. The approach we take is to meet you where you are. We will look at what tools and processes you have in place, the pain points in your current environment and take an iterative approach to move your organization through the levels of the maturity journey, based on your organization’s needs.

The 5 levels of maturity that a program will progress through to achieve maximum effectiveness are:

  1. Initial – Reactive, poor controls, unpredictable
  2. Managed – A characterized process, but still reactive
  3. Defined – A characterized process, but is not proactive
  4. Quantitatively Managed – Measured and controlled
  5. Optimized – Everything in place and focused on improvement

It should be noted that not all organizations will start at level one of the maturity journey. Each organization’s program is unique and the Rapid Delivery Program for Vulnerability Response will meet you where you are.

When getting started, the first thing we will focus on is identifying the key business issues. Breaking this down into crucial problems that we want to address will help identify key outcomes and achieve business benefits without getting caught up in features and requirements. It’s important to note that a blend people, process, and technology are key to the success of your Vulnerability Response Management program. You will need to have people engaged, from your executives to your executive sponsors, to your stakeholders and end users.

The process will support the tasks and outcomes that your team needs to accomplish, and the technology will be the foundation of your program. Simply turning on the ServiceNow solution won’t give you an effective program without people and processes aligned to help the program run smoothly as a whole. That’s because while the security environment surrounding your business evolves, your technology will stay the same and your people and processes will evolve to adapt to the new environment. As you take your Vulnerability Response Management program on a maturity journey, it’s critical that your team does not adopt a “set it and forget it” mindset towards your program. Your organization will continue to reassess how the program is responding to the evolving priorities of your business in response to the changing risk and security landscape.

To learn more about how the Iceberg Rapid Delivery Program for Vulnerability Response can help your organization get up and running quickly on the ServiceNow platform and realize quick wins, visit Iceberg Rapid Delivery. We also offer a host of other Rapid Delivery use cases that may be a great fit for your organization.

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