IceFest drives new approaches and GRC innovation


On Thursday, August 3, #TeamIceberg will take part in our company’s third edition of IceFest. It’s a one-day developer competition designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible using GRC tools like RSA Archer.

Four teams of developers and project managers will be given a clean slate to experiment with the platform, either configuring the tool or building enhancements to drive more efficiency, functionality and new approaches.

“It gives us the opportunity to expand beyond the boundaries of Archer in a way that lets us be creative,” says Melissa Cohoe, Iceberg’s Director of Implementation & Integration. “We’re looking at using the tool in different ways. One of the great things about Archer is how configurable and flexible it can be.”

Previously known as our GRC Hackathon, we hold the IceFest event once per quarter, and projects from the first two events have already been expanded and adapted for internal use and for our customers.

UPDATE: Here’s what each team worked on:

Realtime data validation (Team: OOTB)
This team created custom object scripts to perform additional realtime data validation for questionnaires and other forms within RSA Archer, including text field restrictions, email masking and number thesholds. The scripts will be incorporated in to Iceberg’s internal Risk Intelligence Library for future customer implementations

Presenting a better questionnaire (Team: The Propheteers)
This team wanted to enhance the user experience for questionnaires. They demonstrated that RSA Archer and SurveyMonkey could be linked via API. In the future, this could be used to meet specific customer requirements around UX, accessibility, mobile, etc.

Testing automation (Team: Something Different)
This team evaluated several automated testing solutions to improve development and configuration testing. The evaluation was based on ease of use, agility, and integration with existing Iceberg processes and systems including JIRA.

Simplify user provisioning (Team: Rowdy Luxurious Van With New Matts)
This team wanted to simplify RSA Archer’s access provisioning capabilities for business administrators. The challenge was to minimize the need for IT resources in the process, and as much as possible enable business users to manage user access through a front-end process. The team create a proof of concept using Archer’s API and data feeds.

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