Iceberg’s GRC Challenge: Pushing the boundaries of RSA Archer


Thank you to everyone in the Archer community who submitted a suggestion. In the end we received 27 challenges, and our Iceberg development team was able to tackle seven of them. Some were successful while others hit roadblocks, but overall we were able to achieve our goal of pushing the boundaries of RSA Archer.

The two winning projects were:

  • The Most Innovative Project award went to a solution for “adding rule functionality to inherited record permission fields”, recognizing the innovative use of out-of-the-box Archer functionality.
  • The Most Production-Ready Project award went to a solution for “populating record permissions with fewer clicks”.

For those of you who sent in challenges, watch your inbox in the next week or so for a detailed response from our team.

On June 20, Iceberg’s developers and project managers will have eight hours to get creative and experiment with RSA Archer.

  • The Iceberg GRC Challenge is our one-day development day at Iceberg’s headquarters in Ottawa. (Formerly known as the Archer Hackathon.)
  • Our teams will develop enhancements and utilities. They’ll find new ways to integrate APIs and data connections; they’ll develop user enhancements to help customers harness the power of Archer and the data that’s in the solution. They’ll challenge themselves to find ways to use Archer more efficiently and effectively.

We’ve invited the Archer community to get involved

  • Archer admins and end users submitted challenges for our teams to solve.
  • The goal is to create toolkits, utilities and proofs-of-concept that will help Archer teams use the solution more efficiently and effectively.

Follow along on June 20

  • We’ll be sharing updates throughout the day here on our web site, via social media, and on YouTube.

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