Iceberg Rapid Delivery IRM: Issues & Exceptions

Best Practices

The Iceberg Rapid Delivery IRM: Issues & Exceptions program helps organizations get real-time insights across risk, security and IT with ServiceNow IRM Policy & Compliance.

Achieve predictable outcomes: The most common goal for IRM is a more complete view of exposures across the organization. Our approach focuses on driving action and reducing risk through an efficient and effective process based on your controls.

Leveraging a proven methodology: The Iceberg Rapid Delivery Methodology is based on our 15 years of experience in risk and security deployments. We have packaged the elements we know work well to allow you to quickly get up and running.

Recognizing value quickly and cost effectively: The fastest way to realize the value of your ServiceNow investment is to take advantage of the best practices available ‘out of the box’. Our approach speeds configurations and migrates your data to recognize benefits quickly.

Establishing the foundations for maturity: The road to risk intelligence and predictive analytics with ML/AI requires a solid foundation. Iceberg Rapid Delivery establishes the necessary elements to begin the journey and empowers consistent improvements in your program.

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