Iceberg attends GCOR XI in Boston, April 4-5


The Iceberg team will be in Boston on April 4-5 for GCOR XI, the Risk Management Association’s 11th Annual Governance, Compliance, and Operational Risk Conference.

We’re a silver sponsor of the event, and our colleague Ben Smith, Field CTO with RSA, will be delivering an innovation session talk on Wednesday morning titled “Bridging the Gap: Measuring and Communicating Risk across the Enterprise”:

“Today, organizations of all sizes face serious and consequential risk management challenges. Technology is often presented as the ultimate solution to this problem, but in many cases, organizations are experiencing not just a technical challenge, but a language challenge when considering the risk management communications between various levels of the organization. Ultimately, our goal is to provide trusted, transparent and aggregated risk data in order to drive more informed, confident, and effective business decisions. Frequently, metrics serve as a foundation for how each group attempts to communicate business risk to the other.

But how do we translate operational measurements into meaningful risk metrics for the business? Doing so effectively is essential, because you can’t manage what you don’t measure. This session will discuss the following general questions: What are some best practices to keep in mind when selecting metrics? Does your audience dictate which metrics to select? What behaviors are you trying to influence with these metrics? How should you communicate those metrics internally within your organization for maximum impact?”

This is our first time attending, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to meet with and learn from professionals in the operational risk community.  If you’re attending the event, please drop by our Iceberg table in the foyer and say hello to Glen and Scott.

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