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RSA Archer

In today’s wildly competitive global market, taking on some level of risk is necessary in order to drive business outcomes and competitive advantage – but understanding those risks and making decisions in light of the overall impact to the business is necessary. That is why an integrated risk management plan is required. Your planning will not serve you well, though, if it is not implemented in a way that connects all levels of your organization, working together collaboratively towards the agreed-to business outcomes. What you need is mature Integrated Risk Management (IRM), and this is where a tool like RSA® Archer® comes into play.

RSA® Archer® is a flexible platform that connects everyone on your team and empowers them to contribute to the success of your IRM plan. Governing regulations, third-party risks, legal compliance and more can be easily managed from a single portal, either installed on-premises and only accessible from within the organization or residing in the cloud, enabling secure access from around the world. This tool offers powerful automation workflows that monitor your compliance on every level, and it can alert you when a failure to comply affects any other level. Its user-friendly interface gives you a top-down look at your organization’s state of risk and compliance in real-time, giving you the power to act quickly and efficiently to mitigate those risks.

The RSA® Archer® platform offers useful templates from which you can begin integrating your risk management plans and then customize to your specific needs. Build forms and visualize compliance status with ease, and connect your teams with the access and tools they need to not only work together toward mitigating potential risks but to also make smart decisions moving forward that ensure the growth of your company.

Now you have your risk management plan on track. Top-level risks and their origins have been identified, third- or fourth-party partners are integrated into your IRM workflow. How do the regulatory considerations of one risk item relate to any others on your list? The RSA® Archer® platform can help you work through your list efficiently, growing it into a fleshed-out, dynamic plan as it makes connections to all of the affected departments and team members in your organization. These connections come together instantly in a graphical overview that empowers you to make decisions that not only keep your organization viable but serve to propel it ahead of others competing in the same fields.

Risk management is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. Conditions change and regulatory demands evolve over time. A new event might not have impacted your company directly, but it has forced a third-party that you rely upon to make changes to its own risk management plans. RSA® Archer® is on the job, keeping an eye on any such changes and alerting you when they impact your risk management plans. While other companies struggle to play catch-up, you will have real-time information at your fingertips that allows you to mitigate ahead of your competitors. The modern global marketplace can turn on a dime, so speed and efficiency are paramount when urgent action must be taken. Those who don’t react quickly risk being pushed out of the market.

Do you feel that your integrated risk management plan is robust enough to help the organization manage risk while taking on new business models, digitally transform your services and offerings? We can help. Iceberg Networks offers executive workshops and professional services to help guide you in strengthening the implementation of your risk management plans with the RSA® Archer® platform. Contact us today.

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