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Cyber Risk

With the rapidly evolving nature of today’s technology and risk landscape, organizations need an equally responsive Security Incident Response solution that can be implemented and taken advantage of in a short amount of time. That’s why we’ve developed the Iceberg Rapid Delivery SecOps: Security Incident Response program. This Rapid Delivery program can be implemented in weeks, allowing you to respond to security incidents in real-time using ServiceNow Security Operations as soon as possible.

According to a 2021 report on the state of security incident response, it was discovered that:

  • 92% of security leaders are not confident in their current security incident response capabilities;
  • 46% of organizations fail to contain a threat within the first hour; and
  • 70% of organizations face up to 100 or more cybersecurity incidents per day

These stats are intimidating — but they don’t have to be. In order to keep up with the increasing rate of cybersecurity risks, organizations should implement an effective and mature Security Incident Response program as quickly as possible. The Iceberg Rapid Delivery SecOps: Security Incident Response program is the fastest way to realize the value of your ServiceNow investment and take advantage of the best practices available ‘out of the box’.

One huge benefit of the Rapid Delivery approach compared to a tailored deployment is that you can have ServiceNow production-ready in weeks and measure success in days. Our approach speeds configurations and migrates your data to recognize benefits quickly and helps you achieve predictable outcomes. Contrasted with tailored deployments that could take months to years to implement a large, complex program.

Efficient and effective Security Incident Response requires a structured process, methods to detect an incident, and integrations with security tools. Our approach will help you roll out the foundations of the program so you can demonstrate success quickly, then guide you to mature the program over time. One key element to this is helping you to get executive buy-in by demonstrating return-on-investment quickly. Breaking the program down into bite-size milestones will continually demonstrate to leadership and the board how you are making strides and continuous improvements in the program to demonstrate the value of the investment to the organization.

The Iceberg Rapid Delivery: Security Incident Response program empowers you to roll out a robust Security Incident Response program in just 10 to 12 weeks and guides your team to make consistent improvements to your program over time. Our 15 years of experience in risk and security will help you stand up ServiceNow quickly and instill confidence in leadership that your organization is well-equipped to handle the evolving risks that will affect your business.

For more information on Iceberg Rapid Delivery SecOps: Security Incident Response and our range of other Rapid Delivery programs, visit our website.

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