The Path to Operational Risk Intelligence Part 3: The Vision

The most intelligent people still get lost in a big city without a map. Although trial and error may result in you reaching your destination, time and effort has been wasted in the process. Interestingly, most organizations have leadership teams that have a clear idea about their desired destination, and where it needs to be.

Unfortunately, our experience has shown that not all the leadership team shares the same idea or even set priorities in the same way. More often than not, they are not aware of what each other are doing on a tactical, or worse, strategic level. Achieving accurate, aggregated and transparent operational risk intelligence is a journey – and you need a map!

Without exception, all of our enterprise deployments we have been involved in have started with a workshop to align vision and priorities. Strangely enough, even the stalwarts that come into the workshops with an un-moveable resolve on their priorities exit the same meeting understanding why they must move down the list for priorities. And the amazing thing is that they offer it up freely after appreciating what needs to come before they can be successful.

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Kirk Hogan

About the author

Kirk is Iceberg's Chief Operating Officer, and has 20 years of experience in IT security and risk management. Kirk manages the delivery of Iceberg's GRC Centre of Excellence program, delivering effective Risk Intelligence programs to our customers and partners.

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