The Path To Operational Risk Intelligence Part 1: Introduction

Iceberg Networks is offering this series of free articles to help organizations that are contemplating evolving their risk management programs to include some level of automation to help them with the ocean of data they must wade through daily to understand what risks they must address, and at which priority.

Without automation, any business that has growth plans or is publicly traded has increased board level pressure to provide assurance that all risk is being managed within the corporate risk appetite (tolerance for risk).

The phrase “The Path to Operational Risk Intelligence” is something we introduced recently to help organization visualize where they are in relation to their current understanding of their operational risk posture and where they want to be (vision).

Within each article there is a concept that we have proven critical to the success of any implementation of any of the GRC Platform solutions offered by the major vendors, regardless of who they are. While the technical implementation may be different, the methodology remains almost identical. This is good news for organizations, as it means that they have options, and it becomes about supporting the requirements instead of changing your business to conform to a software solution.

It is our hope that these articles provide organizations with a sense of confidence that there is a predictable way to implement Risk Intelligence, and with planning, support it for years to come.

Download “The Path to Operational Risk Intelligence – Introduction”

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Kirk Hogan

About the author

Kirk is Iceberg's Chief Operating Officer, and has 20 years of experience in IT security and risk management. Kirk manages the delivery of Iceberg's GRC Centre of Excellence program, delivering effective Risk Intelligence programs to our customers and partners.

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