The Path to Operational Risk Intelligence Part 4: How to Get There

OK, so your organization has held the appropriate workshops to articulate the vision, and now everyone is wondering “How do we get there?” You’re not alone.

In fact I’ve worked with organizations that had the most detailed vision that identified characteristics of the end state along with the overall objectives of the program, but they struggled turning that vision (strategic) into action (tactical activities). Not because they didn’t have the talent or skills, but how often does, or will an organization need to rollout a Risk Intelligence Program.

If you have ever been online looking at a map to navigate from point A to point B, you can appreciate that looking at only the next turn directly ahead of you may get you there, but you don’t get a sense of overall progress, or your relative position to other things around you. By zooming out to get the rest of the map in view, you quickly appreciate things such as scale, complexity, duration, participation and budget. The same things are true for using an overall roadmap for a program such as Risk Intelligence.

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Kirk Hogan

About the author

Kirk is Iceberg's Chief Operating Officer, and has 20 years of experience in IT security and risk management. Kirk manages the delivery of Iceberg's GRC Centre of Excellence program, delivering effective Risk Intelligence programs to our customers and partners.

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