Survey says integrated GRC programs lead to greater executive confidence

RSA’s Patrick Potter recently shared some interesting statistics about the impact of GRC integration on the confidence that executives have in the reporting.  One of the key findings was that the more integrated a GRC program is across a company, the more mature their program metrics are, and the more confident executives are in the information that they’re receiving.

How confident are you that you have the right metrics and receive accurate and timely information?

From OCEG survey of 190 respondents


These findings are well-illustrated by the chart above.  Senior executives in organizations with integrated approaches to GRC — in other words, centralized, aggregated views of risk across all areas of the business — tend to have much higher confidence the metrics they’re receiving.  As a result they have a better understanding of risk and how it relates to their business objectives.

That’s exactly what we mean when we talk about Risk Intelligence: Trusted, timely, aggregated data, delivered to stakeholders, so that they can make informed, confident and effective business decisions.

The data was collected as part of a recent study co-sponsored by RSA and OCEG.  Read Potter’s post here…

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Kirk Hogan

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Kirk is Iceberg's Chief Operating Officer, and has 20 years of experience in IT security and risk management. Kirk manages the delivery of Iceberg's GRC Centre of Excellence program, delivering effective Risk Intelligence programs to our customers and partners.

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