ServiceNow GRC

ServiceNow GRC transforms inefficient processes across your extended enterprise into a unified GRC program built on the popular ServiceNow platform. Through continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation you can respond to real risks in real time. Iceberg’s expertise in GRC, Security Operations Management (SecOps) and Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) provides the needed synergy for ServiceNow and Iceberg to team up to drive deployable, cloud-based success in this evolving marketplace for ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a leader in the ITSM and CMDB marketplaces, and organizations are looking to use that foundation to develop their GRC programs, integrating with other books of record to truly deliver risk intelligence to their executives to drive more informed business decisions.  With a strong cloud offering, ServiceNow GRC is recognized as a leader in the industry.

Iceberg’s team includes a deep pool of consultants and developers, including one of the largest GRC teams in North America. We provide professional services and consulting for ServiceNow GRC use cases.

For more information please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.

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