Executive Workshops

“This easily could be the most productive and worthwhile workshop that my team and I have ever participated in.  It provided the representatives of the different government ministries with a good appreciation of the value of our GRC investments, and future value for the government.   Every large organization should seriously consider leveraging this workshop.”

CISO, Provincial Government

Effective GRC programs should deliver measurable results back to the business. Our workshops can help align your organization’s goals and priorities to drive greater value from your GRC solution. Iceberg has developed a proven approach to help organizations build an effective plan to succeed in implementing or evolving their GRC programs, ensuring that the business realizes the true strategic benefits from their investment.

Our workshops are results-oriented, designed to help you recognize what’s working now, what’s the desired outcome, and how to best bridge the gaps that exist to reaching your goal.

Some of our workshops include:

  • GRC Visioning & Alignment Workshop
  • KPI/KRI/KxI development
  • CMO/FMO (Current Mode / Future Mode)

For more information please contact us at info@icebergnetworks.com or call 855-595-0808 x261.

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