Skills Development Sandbox

Iceberg sandboxFor many RSA Archer customers, provisioning additional non-production environments where their teams can experiment and practice skills can be a challenge due to limited resources. The Sandbox is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly spin up an environment, and empower your team to develop their skills. That will help drive a higher level of self-sufficiency to develop a more effective GRC program for your organization.

Iceberg's Cloud-Based Skills Development Sandbox is a private cloud-based RSA Archer environment that your team can use for prototyping, skills development and exploration. Individual sandboxes can be provisioned for your staff, allowing them to try out configuration changes and data manipulation without affecting official development environments.

10 reasons you may need Iceberg’s Skills Development Sandbox

  1. • We don’t have enough skilled Archer administrators
  2. • We need Archer environments for skills development – we can’t do that in DEV, UAT or Production
  3. • We need access to all Archer use cases to evaluate them
  4. • We need access to a clean out-of-the-box environment for comparisons
  5. • We need access to the latest version of Archer as soon as it is available
  6. • We need separate environments for our development, test and support teams
  7. • We need access to coaching and mentoring resources for our technical team
  8. • We need access to regular monthly technical working groups
  9. • We need the ability to easily do bulk imports of data without affecting other activities in DEV
  10. • We need somewhere to practice packaging and validate config promotion

For more info

For more information about Iceberg's Cloud-Based Skills Development Sandbox, including our special early adopter pricing, please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.