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We’ve captured best practices from our experience in configuring GRC solutions to develop our Solution Lifecycle Management (SLM) methodology for GRC integration and implementation. We have standards for project management, configuration/design, documentation, and testing that are outlined in our Risk Intelligence Playbook.

This SLM approach is designed to help ensure that projects stay on schedule and under budget, and ultimately deliver an effective and efficient GRC solution for your organization.


  • Professional services for industry-leading solutions including RSA Archer and ServiceNow GRC
  • 25+ certified & practicing GRC architects, developers, and consultants
  • Solution Lifecycle Management (SLM) Methodology
  • A consistent, predictable and traceable approach
  • Full documentation, design standards and testing

“Following the discipline and traceability provided by Iceberg’s SLM approach on a complex TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) use case, resulted in four UAT defects — really edits — that were so minor Iceberg had them changed in less than an hour. What a valuable approach to ensure a successful deployment.”

Director of Risk Management at a Large Financial Institution

For more information please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.

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