GRC Innovation

We are 100% focused on GRC and we are constantly listening to our customers and partners about what services and solutions they’re looking for to develop effective and efficient risk management programs.  We’re constantly evolving our service and product offerings to meet these evolving requirements. Here are just a few examples.

GRC Challenge

A day-long internal development competition designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible using GRC solutions. Participants get a clean slate to experiment and build enhancements to drive more efficiency, functionality and discover new approaches.

Advanced Reporting / BI Connector

Our advanced reporting toolkit allows you to easily extract Archer data into popular BI platforms such as Tableau, while keeping security permissions intact.

Cloud-Based Skills Development Sandbox

The Sandbox is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly spin up an Archer environment, and empower your team to develop their skills. That will help drive a higher level of self-sufficiency to develop a more effective GRC program for your organization.

Video Enhancements for RSA Archer

As part of Iceberg APS, we’ve developed a utility that allows clients to embed instructional videos inside RSA Archer to help their end-users navigate questionnaires and workflows.

Risk Intelligence Playbook

The Playbook captures our best practices and standards for project management, configuration/design, documentation, and testing, including our Solution Lifecycle Management (SLM) methodology.

For more information please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.

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