Enhanced reporting for RSA Archer

Unlocking the strategic value of RSA Archer for more informed, confident and effective decisions

"Iceberg Insight, our advanced reporting toolkit, was arguably the most impactful Archer value-add presented at this year's RSA Charge event. Many organizations have great amounts of data in Archer now, and are looking for the best way to extract data and permissions, so they can leverage an enterprise reporting engine and drive value back to the business. We would welcome the opportunity to share more information with you about about this project. Please contact us at RSACharge@icebergnetworks.com to schedule a call."
–Ken McPherson, CEO, Iceberg
Iceberg's David Pearson gives an overview of Iceberg's advanced reporting toolkit

Iceberg's David Pearson gives an overview of the advanced reporting toolkit in the Innovation Zone at RSA Charge 2016 in New Orleans.

"Solving Data Publication Challenges for Even Better RSA Archer Reporting"
Presented by David Pearson (CTO, Iceberg Networks) and Philip Aldrich (Director Enterprise Risk Management, Dell EMC) at RSA Charge 2016.

Sample dashboard

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