Archer Production Support (APS)

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“The ability to implement the changes quickly drove user acceptance with the new system, as the users developed confidence in our ability to accommodate their desired changes. Iceberg APS was a key component of the success of our RSA Archer deployment.”
—Vice President at a major North American Financial Institution

One of the keys to RSA Archer program success is having access to an experienced partner that can provide both tactical (technical) and strategic (advisory) resources.  Iceberg APS does just that.  It’s a long-term partnership designed to help organizations build out an Archer program that fully aligns with the organization’s GRC and strategic goals.

APS groups together our most popular service programs to help drive adoption, acceptance and success for your GRC program. The program is a service engagement providing access to Iceberg’s experienced resources including certified Archer admins, senior GRC consultants, and subject matter experts. These resources are available to assist on a range of services, from Archer configuration changes, to mentoring and training, to developing KRIs for Board reports.

“The level of service has been excellent. We have weekly calls. They’re very responsive, very knowledgeable, very professional. I’m completely comfortable and confident that if we have any situations or incidents with our Archer platform that Iceberg can quickly address any critical issues that we may have with our system… I know that we can be successful because I have Iceberg with me.”
—GRC/Archer Program Owner at a large North American Health Care Facility

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