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Successful GRC programs are built on user adoption, effective reporting to management and stakeholders, and the ability to continue to refresh and update your GRC program to stay current with your organization’s evolving requirements.

Iceberg APS provides organizations with a range of flexible options to augment, support and mentor internal resources to maintain and expand your GRC program.

Choose from our suite of support services to select the best type of support for your organization.

For more information please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.

Our most popular option, Archer Dedicated Support allows you to add our skilled and experienced developers to your IT team. We have over 25 certified and practicing Archer administrators at Iceberg. They’ll become a reliable, knowledgeable extension of your Archer team.

  • Long-term augmentation of a client’s Archer resources – 6 months to 1 year.
  • Primary and secondary developers are named to your account.
  • Two levels of support: 30 hours/month or 75 hours/month.
  • Access to additional Iceberg resources including GRC consultants, SMEs, and trainers.
Archer On-Demand Support gives you the flexibility of when and how to use Iceberg’s experienced resources. This option starts with a block of hours and you draw down on those hours as you submit requests for Iceberg developers, GRC consultants, SMEs and trainers.

  • You submit resource requests at your pace and timeline and Iceberg matches your requirements with best qualified resource.
  • We bill on a time & material basis. You’re charged only for what you use.
The Cloud-Based Skills Development Sandbox is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly spin up an environment, and empower your team to develop their skills. It’s a private cloud-based RSA Archer environment that your team can use for prototyping, skills development and exploration. Individual sandboxes can be provisioned for your staff, allowing them to try out configuration changes and data manipulation without affecting official development environments.

  • Access to hosted, Archer non-production environment.
  • Allows internal IT resources to practice and experiment with configurations and design.
  • View all available Archer use cases and conduct evaluations on use cases not currently licensed.
  • Ability to assess newer versions of Archer and evaluate new functionalities before committing to an internal upgrade.
  • More info…
Iceberg’s mentoring program augments the administration training offered by RSA. The courses are developed for IT resources who are already Archer-certified and have some experience configuring Archer. The learning modules are focused on empowering developers to leverage Archer’s full functionality to create workflows and effective user interfaces, enhancing the training that they have had on business modules or use cases. Courses include instructor-led hands-on mentoring on a range of Archer functionalities, delivered via virtual or in-class lessons. The goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge and confidence to turn business requirements into well-designed workflows, user-friendly interfaces, and effective reports.

“The ability to implement the changes quickly drove user acceptance with the new system, as the users developed confidence in our ability to accommodate their desired changes. Iceberg APS was a key component of the success of our RSA Archer deployment.”

Vice President at a Major North American Financial Institution

“The level of service has been excellent. We have weekly calls. They’re very responsive, very knowledgeable, very professional. I’m completely comfortable and confident that if we have any situations or incidents with our Archer platform that Iceberg can quickly address any critical issues that we may have with our system… I know that we can be successful because I have Iceberg with me.”

GRC Program Owner at a Large North American Health Care Facility

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