Application Program Support (APS)

Iceberg’s APS program provides organizations with resources to drive user adoption and help achieve maximum agility and value from their GRC program.

We are focused on helping organizations achieve deployable success. A successful program is reliant on three factors:

  1. User adoption (people actually using the solution and trusting the data)
  2. Effectively collecting information and generating reports to management and stakeholders
  3. The ability to continue to refresh and update your GRC program to stay current with your organization’s evolving requirements

Iceberg APS is designed to help with each of these areas, to ensure that RSA Archer becomes an indispensable resource to help senior leaders make more informed, confident and effective decisions.

“The ability to implement the changes quickly drove user acceptance with the new system, as the users developed confidence in our ability to accommodate their desired changes. Iceberg APS was a key component of the success of our RSA Archer deployment.”

Vice President at a Major North American Financial Institution

Common challenges

Iceberg APS is designed to help organizations address challenges such as:

  • A lack of trained and experienced in-house resources to manage administration and operation of their GRC application.
  • Need to focus skilled internal resources on new solutions, rather than on supporting existing implementations.
  • Need ability to quickly adapt to changing business requirements.
  • Limited access to senior resources to provide advice and best practice recommendations.
  • A need for mentoring to foster self-sufficiency in growing and supporting RSA Archer.
  • Restrictions on hiring new full-time employees, or challenges with turnover of Archer resources.

“The level of service has been excellent. We have weekly calls. They’re very responsive, very knowledgeable, very professional. I’m completely comfortable and confident that if we have any situations or incidents with our Archer platform that Iceberg can quickly address any critical issues that we may have with our system… I know that we can be successful because I have Iceberg with me.”

GRC Program Owner at a Large North American Health Care Facility

For more information please contact us at or call 855-595-0808 x261.

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