SEMINAR: Supplier Governance & Risk Management (January 18)

Virtual lunch & learn: A panel discussion on Supplier Governance and Risk Management

Virtual Lunch & Learn:
A panel discussion on Supplier Governance and Risk Management

Wednesday, January 18 @ 12:30pm EST / 11:30am CST

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  • Darren McCubbin – Supplier Management & Governance, Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto)
  • Jonathan Swanson – Supplier Governance Centre of Excellence, Aetna (New York City)
  • Marshall Toburen – RSA GRC Strategist & former SVP ERM with UMB Financial (Kansas City)
  • John Heuer – Senior GRC Consultant, Iceberg (Toronto)

Organizations rely on thousands of suppliers to deliver products and services. These relationships are essential to build revenue streams, drive out costs, and get to market faster, but every vendor is a potential point of risk for the organization. It’s crucial to understand every supplier’s potential impact on a organization’s ability to deliver products and services.

Learn how companies are creating a centralized supplier management program that operates as resource centre for all areas of the business, covering the full lifecycle of the supplier relationship. The goal is to drive efficiency through automation, and help business owners and management have a full view of the organization’s risk posture, even as the volume and complexity of vendor relationships continues to grow.

This webinar will cover challenges, trending topics and solutions in the area of supplier risk management and governance. We’ll look at how organizations are building strategic programs to deliver trusted, transparent and timely information on supplier risk, giving them the ability to make informed and effective business decisions.

The discussion will be of interest to professionals in the following roles:

  • Supplier Management and Governance
  • Procurement and Vendor Management
  • Enterprise, Operational and IT Risk

We look forward to having you join us.

Video & Deck

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