RSA Archer: Public Sector Solutions

Leverage people, process, and technology to build an integrated approach to Assessment & Authorization, Continuous Monitoring and overall risk management.

Federal organizations must empower all employees to understand risk, and to make the right risk decisions and to help manage risk at their own levels and responsibilities within the organization. More than just FISMA and OMB compliance, it also means getting teams to agree on a common risk taxonomy and common goals.

Although RSA Archer’s Public Sector Solution was originally developed for the United States, Iceberg has unique experience in adapting it for the Canadian Federal Government, including full mapping of risks to Canadian standards like ITSG-33.

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  • RSA® Archer® Assessment and Authorization (A&A) allows the organization to assess and authorize all new information systems before they go into production to ensure they are operating at an acceptable level of risk. It gives the authorization team the tools and capabilities to define authorization boundaries, allocate and assess controls, assemble authorization packages, make informed authorization decisions, and determine whether each information system stays within acceptable risk parameters. RSA Archer A&A allows organizations to comply with FISMA and OMB requirements while actually improving security. It also integrates with RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring (CM) to provide a true Ongoing Authorization (OA) capability.
  • RSA® Archer® Continuous Monitoring serves as a hub for many types of scanner and sensors, allowing the organization to build an aggregate risk view at any level of the enterprise. At the lowest end, individual defects can be monitored and scored. Defects are aggregated at each level of the hierarchy, from the individual device up to the Department level. In this way, a risk score can be designated at any layer and the amount of relative risk introduced can be measured. This allows limited resources to be focused on the remediation efforts that will provide the greatest benefit.

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Iceberg: Making a Difference
Our Archer Accelerator program can get you started on initial use cases with minimal configuration, typically in 60-90 days, helping organizations large and small to implement an effective GRC solution.

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