RSA Archer: Enterprise and Operational Risk Management

Bring risk information together from siloed risk repositories to identify, assess, evaluate, treat, and monitor risks in one central solution.

You need to create a cohesive risk culture across your organization to protect against loss, while still supporting as much growth as possible. You need common processes for measuring and reporting risk postures across all of your departments, but in a way that integrates these activities into daily business practices. And you need to be able to share this information with your stakeholders, so that they have a thorough understanding of your risk environment and what impact that could have on the business, both good and bad. When you can proactively link risk management to business success, risk now becomes a new source of competitive advantage — and that’s what your board wants to hear.

We call this Risk Intelligence: Helping organizations achieve trusted, transparent and aggregated risk data to enable more informed, confident and effective business decisions.

What if you could empower a common risk conversation across your entire organization?

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With RSA Archer, you get a consolidated and clear view of risk that allows you to prioritize risks, efficiently deploy resources to address the most critical problems, and elevate risk management as a new source of competitive advantage. The Enterprise and Operational Risk Management solution allows you to:

  • Establish business context for risk
  • Consistently assess risk
  • Document loss events and perform root cause analysis
  • Monitor changes in risk using key risk and control indicators
  • Quickly respond to increasing risk and control failures
  • Obtain a holistic view of risk

Screenshot: RSA Archer Operational and Enterprise Risk Management

Iceberg: Making a Difference
Our Archer Accelerator program can get you started on initial use cases with minimal configuration, typically in 60-90 days, helping organizations large and small to implement an effective GRC solution.

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