Rethinking Vulnerability Management

Shifting ownership from IT to the business

When it comes to vulnerability management programs, not much has changed over the years. We see programs using the same, or similar, technologies to detect and identify vulnerabilities within their infrastructures and applications.  Resourcing and staffing has not really evolved, even with the face of vulnerabilities growing into insurmountable numbers. Breaches continue to own headlines and as a result companies are facing more pressure to remove vulnerability risks and secure their business. At Iceberg, we believe that to drive better business results from vulnerability management programs, companies need to revisit how they approach the data within those programs. Successful programs need collaboration between IT and the business to share accountability for vulnerability management and the risk they impose on the business.

WEBINAR: Vulnerability Management: IT can fix it, but the business needs to own it (March 2017)

In this webinar, we share advice on how to evolve vulnerability management from an IT-only discussion to an IT & business collaboration, to drive better metrics, resourcing, and communication. The discussion includes a live demo showing examples of business-centric approaches that can improve the vulnerability metrics that IT organizations struggle with today. Led David White, lead consultant for Iceberg’s cyber risk practice.

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