Application Risk Management

CASE STUDY: Centralizing & automating application risk assessments at a North American bank (April 2016)

How many applications are deployed within your organization? Which of those applications are linked to critical business processes? When was the last time you ran a risk assessment on each of them? How should you prioritize the applications that need attention today? Are you sure your risk mitigation dollars are being spent effectively?

Most organizations struggle to come up with confident answers to these questions. That’s a big concern, considering that companies rely on applications to deliver the vast majority of products and services. Risk assessments that do exist are often out of date or are spread out in various spreadsheets and archives.

Why is application risk management so important? With IT and information as the backbone to any business, the applications that are deployed become the pathway to data. Everyone who relies on that infrastructure — employees, customers, suppliers — wants to have confidence in the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data and the applications that access it.

WEBINAR: Getting a grip on application risk (April 2016)

How a large North American financial institution used RSA Archer to centralize and automate their Application Risk Management process. An overview of a large financial institution’s journey to improve their application risk management process, from spreadsheets to a centralized inventory of risk data, allowing for more confident, informed and effective decisions. Presented by Steve Schlarman (RSA) and Kirk Hogan (Iceberg)

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