RECOMMENDED READING: Risk management news and notes for June 10

What we’re reading this week from the world of risk management.

CMS Wire: Risk Management Is More Than a Roll of the Dice
Norman Marks uses the board game Monopoly as an example for how different stakeholders in an organization are balancing threats and opportunities.

ORM Blog: Data Provenance: The Truth of Information…
“When you trust the source of information that is being communicated, it makes all the difference in your final decision to trust.  Operational Risk Management (ORM) is quickly evolving to a next generation of truth.”  How trusted and transparent is your risk data?

Corporate Compliance Insights: When it comes to risk, just how hungry are you?
“Reasonable business professionals will certainly differ with respect to how tolerant they are of compliance and ethics risks. But regardless of where your management team sits on the risk tolerance spectrum, be sure to do your part to help them understand where they are so they don’t get clobbered by a giant wave they don’t see coming.”

Schlarman: Cyber Risk Appetite: Defining and understanding risk in the modern enterprise
RSA’s Steve Schlarman introduces a new white paper about expanding the cyber risk conversation beyond the discussion of security threats into a broader dialogue of how technology, risks and sources of exposure affect an organization.


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