OUR AMAZING TEAM: Deivanai’s skydiving adventure

Deivanai jumped from 13,000 feet, her first time skydiving.

Deivanai jumped from 13,000 feet for her first skydive.


We talk a lot in our office about risk management, but this story is about a risk of a different sort.  Deivanai, one of Iceberg’s Archer professionals, recently crossed a major item off her bucket list: skydiving.

A few weeks ago she did a tandem jump from 13,000 feet, including a total-free fall before the parachute opened up. She says it was an exhilarating experience.

“The scariest moment in the flight was just two seconds when they open the flight door,” she says.  For this jump, she was attached to an instructor for the fall. “The two seconds is a good feeling but it’s so risky. You get a feel for the height you’re at.  You’re thinking: ‘Am I really going to do this?’  And then it’s 3-2-1 and we’re done!”

Several years back, Deivanai took a trip to Dubai and wanted to try skydiving there, but her parents wouldn’t let her because she was too young.  She’s kept the idea in the back of her mind ever since.  The opportunity presented itself when a friend called her up to go bungee jumping.

“I’m scared to go bungee jumping,” she says.  So she suggested to her friends they try skydiving instead. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but they agreed.

Deivanai says she did some research beforehand.  “I wanted to know what risks there were. The main risk is if the parachute doesn’t open,” she says.  Deivanai was satisfied the risk would be very low, because the tandem instructor does about 15-20 jumps every day, and carries at least three parachutes providing plenty of back-up in case of emergency.

Deivanai and her friends signed waivers, donned a red jumpsuit, got some basic training, and then hopped on a flight.  “You travel for about 5-10 minutes. It’s a small flight with eight people.  It’s vibrating, and you always think you’ll be falling down. The free fall is for two minutes, then the parachutes gets opened for about three or four minutes. So in about six minutes you’ve landed,” she says.

Would she do it again? She says she’s in no hurry to do a second jump now that she’s done it once, but if she ever makes it back to Dubai she’ll try it there for sure.

“It’s not so scary as we think. When you see it from the outside you think ‘how can you fall from so high?’ It’s not so scary, it’s such a good feeling and within a few minutes it’s done,” she says.

Next on her bucket list: paragliding. We can’t wait to see the photos!

Inside the small plane before the jump.

Inside the small plane, heading up for the jump.

Deivanai says this was the scariest moment of the flight. Scary, but exhilerating.

Deivanai says this was the scariest moment of the flight. Scary but fun, she says.

Looking up during the free fall.

Looking up during the free fall.

Free falling!

Free falling!

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