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RSA Archer is a powerful platform that, when properly implemented, becomes a very strategic solution for any organization. As one of the earliest vendors in the GRC marketplace, it has also come a long way in just a few short years. Considering how large the industry is around the world, the reality is that only a small number of enterprise organizations have figured out that automation is the only way to transform compliance and harness risk.

Iceberg has been busy in our R&D labs working on extending RSA Archer to enhance its capabilities to find and exploit the opportunity that comes from risk.

The Reporting Challenge

Our R&D journey originally started with customers wanting to leverage Data Publishing Services (DPS) in Archer, but then having the challenge of protecting the exported data with similar rights management as provided in RSA Archer. Good integration practices would also suggest leveraging the API as much as possible to protect against ‘integration obsolescence’ when versions are incremented.

The Evolution of Innovation

We know there are many customers in the RSA Archer community that are using 3rd party reporting applications to either report on data exported through DPS or Data Feeds, or simply using data sets exported through UI Reports. While this may work on smaller scale, Iceberg does not recommend relying on distribution controls in place of rights management.  RSA Archer is an enterprise solution and it requires an enterprise approach.

While we explored options to extend the permissions model outside of RSA Archer, we discovered a new world of “visibility layer options” that could extend Archer’s capabilities while leaving the existing ones intact. As we continued to find new ways to display information to people those making complex decisions, we arrived at the conclusion that this was the Risk Intelligence Insight that we knew existed within the Archer platform.

At this week’s RSA Archer Summit in Chicago, we are very excited to showcase what we’ve built so far.   We’ve developed an enhanced dashboard and reporting tool that:

  • Extends RSA Archer’s security model to a Business Intelligence layer
  • Provides multi-dimensional perspectives on related data
  • Relationship Visualizations give discrete access to all the data elements for any selected node
  • Provides Combination Dashboards as an additional layer
  • Supports user-manipulated views to re-arrange presented data elements

You can download a detailed datasheet for Iceberg Insight below, and we invite you to contact us if any of the scenarios it describes resonate with you.  We will also be offering a show special to a limited number of early customers.  You can visit our booth in the Innovation Zone at the summit this week.  We look forward to meeting you!



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Kirk Hogan

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Kirk is Iceberg's Chief Operating Officer, and has 20 years of experience in IT security and risk management. Kirk manages the delivery of Iceberg's GRC Centre of Excellence program, delivering effective Risk Intelligence programs to our customers and partners.

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