Iceberg team member celebrates Canadian citizenship

Iceberg's Kirk Hogan presents Zhao Tian with a Canadian flag.

Iceberg’s Kirk Hogan presents Zhao Tian with a Canadian flag.

The Iceberg team sends out congratulations to our colleague Zhao Tian.  He was sworn in as a Canadian citizen on Tuesday in Ottawa, and that day at lunch we helped Zhao celebrate with Canadian pizza and a Canada sweater from Roots.

Later in the week at our annual holiday party, Iceberg’s Kirk Hogan made a very personal and moving presentation to Zhao.  Kirk was a Master Corporal in the Canadian Air Force in the 1980s and early 90s, and presented Zhao with a flag that flew with him on a mission to Africa.  He told our group that the Canadian flag has always been an important and meaningful symbol for his family and that he was proud to present it to a new Canadian.

Zhao has been living in Canada for four years already but says it feels good to finally become an official citizen. He’s been with Iceberg for just over a year as an Archer Solution Consultant.  He has a Master of Science from the University of Ottawa, and a Bachelor of Management degree from Donghua University in Shanghai.

Congrats Zhao!


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