How Iceberg APS helped bring a hospital’s GRC program back to health

Iceberg recently worked with a large California-based healthcare facility to make critical configuration updates to their GRC solution and to mentor their internal IT resources, ultimately driving greater user adoption and value.

The organization had already implemented a GRC solution but they have had difficulty retaining certified resources to support the solution. That hampered their ability to adapt their GRC solution to meet the changing requirements of their organization, and the tool is not being used to its full potential. The initial goal of our engagement was to build back user confidence in the GRC solution. The organization wanted to fix some critical configuration issues that were a barrier to full adoption, and train a junior IT resource to become the technical owner of the solution going forward.

The hospital enrolled in the Iceberg APS program, which allows customers to leverage Iceberg’s resources to augment and support their internal resources. Iceberg’s team worked to help prioritize and solve critical issues that were causing user confidence issues. Over a three-month period, we supported the hospital’s internal IT team to help fix 17 critical tickets. In the process, we mentored and trained a junior resource to build up her confidence and develop her skills in using the platform.

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Glen Gower

About the author

Glen is the director of marketing and communications at Iceberg.

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