St. Luke's / Archer

Boosting organizational efficiency with GRC

Here’s a great video from our partners at RSA Archer about the IT group at St. Luke‘s Health System in Idaho, and some of the challenges they were experiencing with GRC reporting. IT Security Director Reid Stephan talks about lists — servers, end-point devices, applications, locations — all living in different spreadsheets and shared drives.  There was […]

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RSA Archer GRC

RSA Archer launches 2014 GRC Metrics Survey

What level of confidence does your CFO have in the risk information coming out of IT? That’s a question we often ask to our customers, and typically the answer is “not a lot of confidence”. While processes and methods for areas like Credit Risk, Financial Risk and Market Risk are fairly mature, Operational Risk and […]

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ARTICLE: “How dashboards can help CFOs Manage Risk”

Here’s an interesting article from about how risk is evolving from a tactical tool to a strategic business enabler.  Authors Frank Friedman and Chuck Saia make several useful observations: Instead of asking “what technology do I need”, CFOs should ask “Is there an organization or group in place that is appropriately set up to make […]

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