BEST PRACTICES: Designing GRC – Asking better questions

Designing GRC: Asking better questionsTechnical challenges can be difficult to solve, but the hardest part of any design exercise isn’t technical at all. It’s understanding what the business is truly asking for, beyond a checklist of features

When I ask “What is your dream house?” people rarely know exactly what they’re looking for. If I show somebody pictures of a house, they can quickly tell me what they like or dislike about the house.
Often when people don’t know what they want for their house, they substitute my first question with another: “What features do I want in a house?” All kinds of answers come back: a swimming pool, big windows, a kitchen island, a two-car garage…

Designing for a GRC solution has the same challenges. Focusing on the features will often result in an overwhelming list of processes, complex and restricted workflows, and a complicated user interface. The hardest part of design is to uncover what will truly make a positive impact for the user. So how do we do that?

This article offers some tips on asking better questions to discover what will be truly valuable to the business.

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Maria Tao

About the author

Maria Tao is a GRC Solution Consultant with Iceberg Networks.

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