Best of times and worst of times for IT security

Art Coviello

Art Coviello

Earlier this week at the RSA summit in Orlando, I had the chance to hear Art Coviello talk about some of the trends we’re seeing in IT security.  Mr. Coviello is the Executive Chairman of RSA and the Executive Vice President of EMC Corporation.

Mr. Coviello says we’re in the best of times and worst of times for IT security.

The best of times because as public and consumers, our access to information and technology has never been better – and will only get better.  But it’s the worst of times because of the massive challenge to protect the IT assets.

He talked about improving the ability to perform analytics, identify anomalies, and understand where risks exist.  He also said we need to keep everything in perspective – we’re never going to be perfect.   Our job as risk professionals is to do our best to minimize risk.

We can’t always totally eliminate risk, but we can use Risk Intelligence tools like RSA Archer to ensure we understand it, and are making the right business decisions based on the data.


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