RESEARCH: Are spreadsheets helping or hurting your compliance and risk strategy?

Blue Hill Research recently published a research paper about the use of spreadsheets to manage compliance and risk requirements. You can read the full report here…

Their findings confirm what we hear from our clients: they tie organizations to manual processes, they limit collaboration, and they can’t scale. ¬†While Excel might seem like a low-cost solution, it comes at the expense of a centralized, automated and traceable risk intelligence plan. (Not to mention a lot of headaches and inefficiency for staff.)

Forward-thinking executives understand the need for real-time data, automated processes and effective controls to deliver relevant risk reporting. That’s something you just can’t do with manual spreadsheets.


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Ken McPherson

About the author

Ken is the President and CEO of Iceberg. He considers himself very fortunate to work with an outstanding team of management consultants, professional services engineers, and recently graduated engineers who are focused on an ensuring success and making a difference for all of Iceberg's clients.

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