Who benefits from Risk Intelligence?

Effective Risk Intelligence benefits a variety of stakeholders in an organization


Forward-thinking executives understand that an effective Risk Intelligence program is critical to success.

Board of Directors – who need to understand risk exposure/appetite; and that appropriate risk mitigation strategies are effective.

CEO, CFO, COO – who require risk management reports that are thorough, complete, accurate, trustworthy and transparent.

CIO, CRO, CISO – who demand clarity – aggregate all policy, risk, compliance, privacy and security data centrally, so that they can deliver an accurate picture to the Executives.

Business Unit Directors – who are normally accountable for risk.

Auditors – who must render an opinion on risk management posture, and who want to expand their role and contributions to corporate objectives.

Regulators/Government – who feel accountable to investors and employees- therefore – scrutiny of Companies’ Risk Disclosures and Mitigation Strategies will only increase.

Investors/CICA – who demand accurate risk disclosures.


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