RSA Archer GRC

RSA is the largest provider of GRC software in Canada, and a leading provider in North America. Iceberg has earned the role of becoming RSA Archers’ professional services company for Canada, and we have more certified and active RSA Archer consultants than any other RSA partner in the country.

We’ve worked on dozens of planning, implementation and support projects, large and small, with Canada’s largest companies and government organizations.

Iceberg works with companies to deploy RSA Archer to deliver aggregated Risk Intelligence, making its value strategic, not just tactical, helping senior leaders obtain accurate, aggregated risk data to make decisions that impact their business objectives.

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Bell Canada
Bell Canada Business Markets is one of the largest security practices in Canada. For the last four years, Iceberg has partnered with Bell to provide sales and service expertise to clients looking for a Risk Intelligence program. Iceberg has successfully delivered many implementations of GRC across Canada through our strategic relationship with Bell. Iceberg also partnered with Bell to help implement their internal GRC platform.