Making a Difference in the Community

Business author Jeff Haden once said “Success is not only a reward – it’s a responsibility”. At Iceberg, we take pride in helping to make a difference. We encourage our team to make a difference in other people’s lives when they’re working with clients, colleagues, or in the community at large. Here are some examples of #TeamIceberg in the community.

Thanksgiving food hamper deliveries for the Kanata Food Cupboard

October 2018: Once again this year, Team Iceberg helped deliver Thanksgiving food hampers for the Kanata Food Cupboard. Each delivery includes a frozen turkey, potatoes, and other trimmings so that individuals and families in needs can prepare a healthy holiday meal.

Fall Harvest at the Food Bank Farm

September 2018: Team Iceberg was back at the farm this weekend, helping to harvest carrots and peppers for the Ottawa Food Bank. This year the Ottawa Food Bank will harvest 100,000 lbs of fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the Community Harvest program. Thousands of volunteers help with everything from planting to weeding to harvesting the produce. The food from the farm helps support nearly 40,000 people in Ottawa who use the food bank each month. Thanks to everyone on our team who took part on a chilly fall morning!

2018 Tillie Sheppard Memorial Golf Tournament

September 2018: Iceberg was pleased to support the Third Annual Tillie Sheppard Memorial Golf Tournament, raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Clara Rempel-Segal was born in October 2015 with cystic fibrosis, and her family organized the event to raise funds for cystic fibrosis research. The “Tillie” is named for Clara’s great-grandmother who died the day after Clara was born. Pictured here are Paul Everest, Ken McPherson, Ashley Lukeeram, and Fergonn Fernandez.  Congratulations to Jack and Nadine for organizing another successful fundraiser.

Ottawa Food Bank Community Harvest

July 2018: This year the Ottawa Food Bank will harvest 100,000 lbs of fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the Community Harvest program.  Throughout the growing season at the 5-acre farm, thousands of volunteers help with everything from planting to weeding to harvesting the produce. Our Iceberg team was out for several hours early on  Saturday morning hand-weeding the onion and cabbage plants in advance of the harvest later this month. The food from the farm helps support nearly 40,000 people in Ottawa who use the food bank each month.


May 2018: Our team participated in the First Annual #youCANhelp event in support of the Kanata Food Cupboard. Iceberg was one of seven corporate teams who built sculptures out of canned goods and non-perishable food items and, and we built a slice of cake with a candle on top.  All the items collected were donated to the food cupboard. Thanks to everyone on our team who made a donation and helped with the construction!

Hair Donation Ottawa

April 2018: Our colleague Stephanie took part in this year’s “Hair Donation Ottawa” event, raising $350. Participants collect pledges and donate at least six inches of their hair. Money raised goes a number of programs including adult and childhood cancer research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute. The donated hair goes towards the custom manufacture and fitting of approximately 10 free wigs a year for financially challenged children in Ottawa region who are experiencing hair loss for a variety of medical reasons.

“I was able to raise twice my goal, and donate 12 inches of hair last Sunday. As promised, attached is the before and after photo. I hope to contribute again next year (I should be able to grow another 6 inches of hair by then)!”

Well done Stephanie!

Coldest Night of the Year fundraising walk for Chrysalis House

February 2018: Our marketing director Glen Gower and his family participated in the Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser for Chrysalis House, a women’s shelter in Kanata. Glen’s team raised over $4,200, and overall the event surpassed the $30,000 fundraising goal. The money raised will help 150 women and their children find safe shelter from violence and abuse.

Hygiene kits for the Food Bank & Youth Services Bureau

January 2018: At our company kick-off meeting, our team set up an assembly line and put together one hundred hygiene kits to be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank and the Youth Services Bureau (YSB). The kits included things like toothpaste, razors, soap and deodorant, as well as warm socks, gloves and toques.

Helping a Syrian family move to Canada

From our colleague Fergonn Fernandez:

My family joined a community group called “Helping Hands” to assist a Syrian family immigrate to Canada. We donated clothes, furniture, toys and other household items and had stored it prior to their arrival. On November 30, 2017, the family of four arrived in Toronto.

Meeting them was both an emotional and fulfilling experience. The parents shared what it was like to live like outcasts, not knowing whether they would survive the next day. The toughest part to swallow was learning they were living in public places and parks for some time as refugees since 2013, while raising two very young children. They both had a list of health issues, where gladly, members of the Helping Hands group had pre-arranged for their health cards and were able to seek immediate medical attention within a few days of their arrival in Canada.

We are blessed to be part of the Helping Hands group and even more blessed to help and meet people like this family, who now have earned a new life and can enjoy new freedoms in Canada.

Junior Achievement Canada

November 2017: A shout-out to Sherif Elmoafi, who spoke to students at École Paul Desmarais in Stittsville. It was part of the “World of Choices” organized by Junior Achievement Canada, helping high school students explore technology career options. “The amount of curiosity and excitement the students displayed pleasantly surprised me. It was great to see so many students showing interest in a rapidly growing field,” he says.


November 2017: Iceberg’s Movember team raised over $3,000 towards research into prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Congrats to everyone who supported and participated in the campaign!

Squash CF

November 2017: Iceberg CTO David Pearson brought his homemade trebuchet to the Squash CF event in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. David says: “The trebuchet was busy most of the day shooting pumpkins at the castle. The participants ranged from age 3 to 40 with the majority at the younger end of that spectrum. They would pick out a pumpkin and I would set it up in the trebuchet, then hand them the string attached to the trigger pin. You should have seen their faces when the pumpkin headed down range with tremendous velocity! The softball sized pumpkins would overshoot the target and were going about 250 feet. The larger pumpkins would go shorter distances based on their weight.”

Tillie Sheppard Memorial Golf Tournament

September 2017: Iceberg was thrilled to support and participate in this year’s Tillie Sheppard Memorial Golf Tournament, in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. This is the second year for the tournament, organized by the family of Clara Rempel Segal, who was born in October 2015 with cystic fibrosis. The “Tillie” is named for Clara’s great-grandmother who died the day after Clara was born. In this photo, Clara’s dad Jack stands in the middle with Iceberg’s team of Ken McPherson, Fergonn Fernandez, Rob Ryan, and Saki Giannakopoulos.

Kanata Food Cupboard

July 2017: #TeamIceberg helps out with annual summer clean-up activities at the Kanata Food Cupboard, a local food bank in our community.

Carnival of Cultures

July 2016: Lily Obina, a program manager with #TeamIceberg, organized a fundraiser called Carnival of Cultures, featuring a boat cruise, dinner and cultural show.  The event raised $2,700 for theCode, an Ottawa organization that provides mentoring for “at risk” young men.

Sandwiches for The Mission

June 2016: The Iceberg team puts together 170 ham and turkey sandwiches and 75 trail mix snack bags for The Mission, a homeless shelter in Ottawa.

Operation Christmas Child

November 2015: Iceberg raises money to help fill shoeboxes Operation Christmas Child, an organization that provides toys, school supplies and hygiene items for children in developing countries. Our team packed and delivered six of the shoeboxes that will be delivered later this year. Thanks to Deivanei, Steph and Kristan for their time and contributions and for helping to make a difference!

Neighbour to Neighbour

August 2015: Ken McPherson and Paul Everest of Iceberg join Frank Coletti (TD Bank) and Jack Segal (RSA) to participate in the annual “Neighbour to Neighbour” charity golf event on August 11 at Beverly Golf & Country Club in Dundas, Ontario. The charity golf event benefits the Neighbour to Neighbour food bank in Hamilton, Ontario.

Kanata Food Cupboard Easter hampers

April 2015: The team helps sort and pack Easter hampers at the Kanata Food Cupboard.

Operation Come Home

January 2014: Iceberg staff donates nearly 100 care packages to Operation Come Home, an education and support centre for homeless and at-risk youth.

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