About Iceberg

Iceberg delivers effective Risk Intelligence

We help companies make more informed and effective business decisions through risk intelligence.

We deliver software and services to successfully deploy Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) solutions. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and serving all of North America, our team of over 25 certified and practicing GRC experts offers a full lifecycle of consulting and services through our Centre of Excellence.

GRC tools can help automate compliance and risk management against external frameworks, industry mandates, government regulations and internal policies. But we believe that the real value is unlocked when these tools can be implemented strategically, synchronizing people, processes and technology and providing relevant risk data to support better decision-making.

Through our Centre of Excellence, we combine software and development experience with a unique advisory approach to help organizations build an effective and sustainable Risk Intelligence program: trusted, transparent and aggregated data that enables informed, confident and effective business decisions.

Our goal is to make a difference for our customers and help them achieve success in their GRC projects.


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